a short film

A genre short film currently in post-production.
a short film 
“When her aunt comes home bruised and hurt, Rose Home Gun is sent to gather traditional medicines in the woods - when the true nature of the medicine comes to light Rose must choose to protect her sister's innocence or endanger her family.”

Based in the world of the feature film, SWEETNESS OF THE BLOOD.
Supported in part by the Native Arts and Council Foundation. Poster design by Mato J. Steger.
a short film (in development)

"In the wilds of a pre-contact Montana, young Kóónssko struggles to provide for his starving family after the death of his father. When an unmanned canoe takes him to a mystical village downstream, he must decide if the promise of a new love is worth the heavy cost."
a feature documentary (in development)
The story of one family twenty years after the death of one of their own, GOING TO THE SUN is  an exploration in grief, trauma and memory. A revelatory glimpse into the reality behind the American epidemic of MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women).